This package is perfect for the bride who wants to make sure every carefully planned detail of her day is carried out the way she wishes! Many brides do not need an event planner, however the day of is a different story. There are many venues that provide a coordinator, but they are typically busy either running their own staff or managing multiple events and are not known to stay the entire evening. 

With UB, we will be solely focused on your dream for the wedding and making sure each detail is taken care of from setup and last minute issues to loading the gifts at the end of the night, you will never to have to worry! I've done everything from fetching forgotten veils and going on an alcohol run to safety pinning a brides dress - you just never know what you will need and to fix these issues you need an extra set of hands.

This package is not limited to weddings! Need help with your kid's birthday celebration so you can relax and enjoy yourself? Want to plan a fabulous party for your friends and don't want to be distracted with hosting responsibilities? No matter the occasion, UB can help!

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