Maid of Honor for Hire is a category of all kinds of services that a traditional maid of honor would be responsible for. Sometimes a Maid of Honor doesn't have the time, talent or expertise to pull off the bride's every wish, so that is where UB comes in!

Options include but aren't limited to:

  • Floral Assistance
  • Scouting vendors
  • Errand hours 
  • The bridal shower
  • The bachelorette party  
  • Apparel selection (especially for bridesmaids' dresses this is what most brides say is the toughest!!)

MOH for Hire is not designed to replace anything but the little things that most brides and bridal party members stress to make time for, keep the fun stuff for yourself and leave the rest to Umbrella Barrel!

Imagine planning your bachelorette party but having someone else pick up the supplies, make the arrangements, confirmations, set up the room, and remember to have 3 advil and a bottle of water per person ready to go :) Or if you decided what style / color you want for your bridesmaids dresses but didn't have to spend hours upon hours online and running around town to check out the selections. I would do all of the scouting, send options, talk to the bridal party and make appointments at places with real potential to save time and avoid stress.