Retail Display Wall

Originally, this blog was going to be about the shelving I worked on for a retail display... but it may end up being about handbags. I'll do my best to keep on topic! First, if you live in Columbus, Ohio and have not been to Store 5a in the Short North you are truly missing out. It is a pre-owned luxury store that carries all kinds of jewelry, timepieces and yes, handbags.

Step 1//

Supplies - We decided to do four staggered shelves on the plaster wall which meant we needed two pipe supports per shelf. At Lowes in the plumbing section, we found 8 black iron pipes that were 1/2" wide and 10" long. For each pipe we bough a matching floor flange and a round cap. We also picked up the wood there, a light wood that we stained ourselves with Minwax and that was 9" wide so it would sit snug in between the wall and the cap without needing to be cut so we only needed to cut the length. 

Step 2//

Installation - The guys who created the plaster wall had marked for us where the studs were so we had to place our pipes accordingly. We marked one spot, drilled a hole first and then attached the first flange. Using a level and measuring tape we repeated this for the corresponding flange. The pipes simply screw/twist into the flange and then the cap screws onto the exposed end! I took all of the materials and scrubbed them in a slop sink with palmolive to get off as much grease as I could. They still leave a little black residue but cleaning them first makes a big difference!

Once all of the piping was in place and the wood had been stained on both sides and had time to set, we simply put the shelves in place, added the handbags of course and it was a beautiful display of purse heaven!

For more info on the handbags check out! Working on this retail space was so much fun, it was truly a transformation and Jesse Johnson (my husband and the store director) had a very clear vision for the space. To see a glimpse into the process take a look at the gallery below!


I leave you with the most beautiful pre-owned handbag of all time - Celine, you slay me...