{Re}purposed Card Holder

I found this red metal antique pet carrier on Craigslist and thought it could be a great card holder at events as an alternative to the ultra trendy bird cage card holders that are out there. It even looks kind of like a mailbox to me! Just a few quick steps and the repurpose was complete.

Step 1//

I used wire cutters, pliers, a metal file and my superior arm strength (with lots of breaks) to remove a section of the wire in the front where cards could be placed without opening the cage.

Step 2//

Prep and Paint! The piece has some rust so I sprayed some Rustoleum and sanded to prep the surface to be painted. As per usual, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint - Pure White to cover the piece inside and out. I used a small angle tip foam brush to paint the wires - hindsight - spray painting the bars would have been easier. After a few coats, I finished with the soft clear wax to coat and protect the piece and give it a nice finish!

I am on the lookout to replace the handle on top, but for now I just painted it white as well and kept it. I added some foam cushion pads on the four corners on the bottom so it wouldn't scratch surfaces and that was it! Note that the cage does open for easy retrieval of the cards after the event or for entering larger items.

Before and after!