Re{purposed} Graphite Bar Cart

I was itching to make a bar cart for a while and was hunting for the perfect base piece, when I saw this old school wooden microwave cart I knew it was something I could work with!

Step 1//

My first step with this piece was deconstruction. I removed the two front facing pieces, the doors and the main shelf base to replace with raw, better quality stainable wood. 

Step 2//

I purchased aspen birch 2x4s for the main shelf piece and the X shaped wine bottle shelf on bottom. I also purchased two pieces of T-wood molding for the front facing piece above the drawer and to make the slats to hold the wine glasses. Using a circular saw I (my husband may have helped) cut the wood to fit, sanded it and painted with Annie Sloan graphite chalk paint. 

Step 3//

I coated the original piece with two coats of the graphite paint. Annie Sloan chalk paint requires a wax top coat. I really wanted this piece to be dark so I decided to be brave and experiment with the dark wax. I mixed 3/4 dark wax with 1/4 clear soft wax for blending and used that to wax and buff the whole piece. I took all of the new apsen birch wood and stained it with Minwax ebony wood stain followed by a few coats of clear sealant. I lost a lot of the pictures for this project when my phone broke so I don't have much but here is a picture of what the wax mix looks like on the graphite paint, before on the left and waxed version on the right:

Step 4//

Reconstruction - I replaced the old main shelf base with the newly stained beautiful aspen wood and used wood glue to adhere on the t-wood pieces on the front directly above the drawer. The rest of the new wood went to make the X shaped wine bottle holder on the bottom. There is one long piece with two shorter pieces and I ended up using right angle brackets to hold them in place. There are many ways to make this, most include using a router which I didn't feel up for on this project. I replaced the original pull with a gold gem that I found at the Columbus Architectural Salvage!

Phase two of the reconstruction was to add the wooden slats to hold the wine glasses along the top. I modeled this after the wine rack that I did and made them further apart on the left than on the right for red wine glasses and white wine/champagne glasses. I adhered them with really intense wood glue and a wood screw in the center for extra security. When I put the first two on I had a little trouble keeping them parallel all the way through. I decided to flip the whole piece upside down, put blue tape along the edge to measure the gap on the front and then I cut wood spacers the same gap size and put them in the back to keep it perfectly even all the way through!

After I flipped it right side up and began to stage everything it really came together. Below are the final pictures, enjoy!