Easy Mexican Dish

Busy lives call for easy, but delicious recipes like this one. Made with Mexican rice, a Grill Mates seasoning packet, chicken, peppers and more! 


Step 1//

Almost whenever I cook chicken, I boil it first. A little trick my momma taught me so that your chicken will never be dry. I boil water in a deep skillet and add a few chicken bouillon cubes for flavor. They will dissolve rather quickly then you can add your chicken in.

Step 2//

I actually forgot my real Step 1 on this particular evening: 

Step 1//

Open and pour the chardonnay, in this case a buttery glass of B.R. COHN. 




Step 2//

Start cooking your rice in a saucepan, I use Vigo zesty flavor Mexican rice.

Next, prepare the marinade. I honestly LOVE McCormick Grill Mates seasoning packets I have a few favorites that I use all of the time. They are so simple, make the meat extra moist and provide great flavor. For this recipe I used Mexican Fiesta, instructions are on the back but you just need oil, water, and balsamic vinegar.



Step 3// 

Remove your chicken from the boiling water and cut it up, especially if you are cooking chicken breasts. Empty the skillet and then replace the chicken and add the marinade. If Jesse (husband) wants steak I will buy fajita strip steak at the deli and throw it in at this point to grill with the chicken in the marinade. 

Step 4//

If you are blessed to have a partner in cooking your meal, this would be a great time for them to cut the peppers you would like to use, we added red onion this time. Normally we use white onion   but we were working with what we had.

If you want a spicier dish you can through in some hot peppers. 


Step 5// 

After you have grilled your chicken on both sides, throw in the veggies. The marinade can produce a lot of smoke or char so try to keep stirring it and keep the heat at around a 5. Cook veggies until desired tenderness, I typically do about 5 minutes.

Step 6//

Your rice should be about done! Mix everything up in a bowl, you can add a little cheese or eat with tortilla chips. Sometimes we use corn tortillas and make tacos, be creative!