Easter Treats Part II - Peep filled chocolate bowl

Our Easter Sunday experiment was found on Pinterest, of course, but there weren't a lot of instructions so when I say experiment I mean that literally. Here is our how to for a peep filled chocolate bowl!

Step 1//

Place a balloon with the thin end down into a snug fitting bowl. Our first balloon was blown up more but it exploded when the hot chocolate first made contact - messy and startling. With our second balloon we blew it up less and waited longer for the chocolate to cool. In hindsight however I wish we would have blown it up a bit more so it would have been longer and not so round. 


Step 2//

Melt the chocolate. I used candy quik and started with the chocolate in a double broiler. With the vanilla chocolate I ended up using the microwaveable tray and that worked just fine as well. **Make sure you wait until the chocolate is warm not hot before you apply to the balloon. 

Step 3//

Drape the chocolate, I started with the white chocolate pooling it on top and letting in drip down the sides. Highly recommend laying paper towels down for easy cleanup!

Step 4//

(LEFT) Add on the other chocolate then place in the fridge for about 5 minutes. Make sure to leave a few spoonfuls of the chocolate left to create your base. 

Step 5//

(RIGHT) Take the leftover chocolate, reheat for 15 seconds or so if need be and pool it in a circle on a paper plate. Take the balloon out of the fridge and carefully flip it upside down placing the wide end of the balloon into the warm chocolate and twist back and forth. Return the fridge to let cool between 15-20 minutes. 

Step 6//

Once the chocolate is completely cool, pop the balloon! I could have done this more gracefully and I think since the balloon I used said "Happy Birthday" on it that part stuck to the chocolate the most. Trial and error is the best way to learn though right?


Final Step//

We filled the chocolate bowl with mini chocolate eggs and lots of different fun flavored peeps for Easter! I would recommend strawberries or mixed fruit or any other holiday themed treats for other occasions.