Easter kit kat cake!

Disclaimer - not a part of the Advocare recommended foods like most of my recipes! My younger sister Rebecca stayed with me for her spring break the week before Easter and found this on Pinterest so we decided to try it out.

Step 1//

Make cake. In all honesty we used the recipe on the back of the Hershey's container for the "Perfectly Chocolate" chocolate cake and the frosting, but of which we fully endorse. 

Step 2//

Ice the cake. When you put the first cake onto the cake platter place it upside down, ice the top and then add the second cake upright and ice the top and sides. 

Step 3//

Decor: As soon as you finish the icing, add the kit kats all the way around, we used 8.5 packages total. Once the kit kats are in place add the m&ms, we used Easter colors of course! 

Add the bow, which of course we ironed before putting on and got very excited when we realized that it perfectly matched the purple manicure that Becca got earlier that day and you're done!